Your 30 Day Goal

Enroll 5 Services & Find 2 IBOs

Help Your New IBOs to do the Same

Schedule Your Business Launch
Invite Guests
Enroll IBOs and Services
With your sponsor's help, assist your new IBOs to do the same

By doing so you will:
Earn Personal Customer Bonuses - At least $200*
Earn ETL in 30 Days Bonus - Typically $500*

*Refer to the ACN compensation plan for complete details.

Step One - Attend the LIVE New IBO Training

New IBOs...IMPORTANT...Join the LIVE NEW IBO Training
Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. CT or Saturday at 9:00 a.m. CT

This is where you will learn how to:
Find 2 IBOs & Enroll 5 Customers & Help Your New IBOs to do the Same!

Click here to ⏬ DOWNLOAD ⏬ the "My Path to ETL" worksheet before you join!

Tuesday 7:00 p.m. CT

Saturday 9:00 a.m. CT

Step Two - Schedule Your Business Launch

This is How You Find Your First 2 IBOs

Schedule Your Business Launch!

(Find Your First 2 IBOs)

➡️ Click here to download complete Business Launch Instructions and Inviting Scripts

✔︎ Schedule Your Launch (Your first Private Business Zoom - PBZ)
✔︎ Make a List of all the Most Successful People You Know (Your "A" List - Business Owners Network Marketing Experience, $100K Earners, then everyone else)
Need help building your list? Click here to download a memory jogger to help with building a long and robust list of names.
✔︎ Over-Invite to your Launch. Typically 50% forget to attend, so Invite 2X as many as you would like to have attend.
✔︎ Remember, you are SORTING. When someone is not interested, move on and find those who are.

Step Three - Launch Your Business!

Launch Day!

Launch Day!

✔︎ Send a Text Reminder to your guests 15 minutes prior to your Launch!
✔︎ Your Role as the Host is the FILL THE ZOOM and Introduce the the speaker. One day before the Zoom, confirm with the speaker exactly how you should introduce them. You will welcome the guests and introduce the speaker. Once you have done that, the rest of the meeting will be run by the speaker. Remember - they are the don't interrupt!
✔︎ Make sure your camera and mic are working an ON.
✔︎ Be sure the room you are in is tidied up, looks professional, and is well-lit.
✔︎ Pay attention, be interested, and remove distractions from the room (kids, pets, etc.).

Step Four - Enroll IBOs & Customers

Enroll yourself and those who do not enroll as IBOs for your 5 services!

Get Qualified

(Get your 5 customers)

Enroll a minimum of 5 services worth 10 points to become customer qualified and earn your first $200 Bonus!

➡️ Click here to download the "Path to ETL" worksheet to simplify your journey. This worksheet will be used with every new IBO who joins your team!

✔︎ Enroll Yourself in Truvvi Monthly (2 points)
✔︎ Enroll yourself in IDSeal Monthly (2 points)
✔︎ Enroll yourself in every other services available at your home (XOOM Energy, Flash Mobile, Impact Health Sharing, Vivint, TV, Internet, Etc.)
✔︎ Add up your service and point total
✔︎ Enroll friends and family in services to complete your 5 & 10
Senior Vice President, Megan Williams explains what to say and what to do when it comes to gathering a few customers.

Click here to learn more about the services offered by ACN, or go to the services tab above to find out more.

Step Five - Get Accredited

Accreditation takes just a few minutes!

Get Accredited

Before you can enroll XOOM or Impact customers you must become accredited. It takes just a few minutes for each. Watch the videos to see how to navigate to the accreditation site in your back office.




Use the videos below, as needed, to to assist you as you set up your ACN business.

Understanding the ACN Point System with ACN Co-Founder, Tony Cupisz

2 minutes 3 seconds

Personalize Your Storefront

1 minute 5 seconds

Set Up Direct Deposit

45 seconds

Become Energy Accredited

1 minute 39 seconds

Become Impact Accredited

41 seconds

How to Use your ACN Storefront and Back Office

45 seconds

How to Submit Business Entity Paperwork
(If operating as a business)

1 minute 49 seconds

How to Contact IBO Support

1 minute 4 seconds

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